Why do factory equipment racks switch to aluminum profiles?

aluminum profiles Recently, according to market research, there have been more and more users who need to use aluminum profile racks. Most of them come from mechanical equipment factories, automated production line bodies, and large-scale intelligent robots for on-site safety protection. Let’s first understand what an aluminum profile rack is? Aluminum profile frame is a type of frame or cabinet used to provide support and protective cover for equipment and machines. The main function is to carry, support equipment and machines, and protect the safety of machine operation. For example, mask machine racks, external brackets for automated integrated systems, transmission line brackets, and equipment protective covers.

Most traditional mechanical equipment frames are made of stainless steel or steel, and some are made of cast steel for mechanical frame structures. Compared to aluminum frame frames, steel equipment frames are not environmentally friendly, have poor moldability, have a long construction period, are not easy to transport, and require later renovation.

So what are the advantages of aluminum frame?

Firstly, the aluminum profile frame has strong plasticity, with a complete range of industrial aluminum models and specifications, multiple processing methods, and CNC machining, resulting in high accuracy. And the surface of industrial aluminum profiles is anodized, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, moisture-proof, and fireproof, without rusting, and can be used in most environments with a long lifespan.

Secondly, the aluminum profile frame has over 200 types of connecting accessories, which can meet various structural design requirements. It is not only structurally stable and sturdy, but also aesthetically pleasing

Thirdly, the aluminum profile frame is lightweight, easy and fast to assemble, without the need for welding, environmentally friendly, and improves production efficiency by 50%

Fourthly, the aluminum profile frame can be retrofitted and recycled, effectively reducing production costs.

In summary, the main reason for customizing equipment racks with aluminum profiles instead of other materials such as steel products is that the cost performance of customizing equipment racks with aluminum profiles is slightly higher.