HIQ Aluminum Profile Technology Co.,Ltd. is one of the best aluminum extrusion profile OEM supplier in China, with more than 260,000 sqm space production facility and 500 employees, We serve customers in a wide range of industry over the world for more than 20 years, support customers starting from product engineering, mold design, mold manufacturing, die profile producing and CNC machining to finished parts, HIQ Aluminum maintain an entire value chain in aluminum extrusion profile industry.

With China’s aluminum profile industry consisting of more than 1000 manufacturers spread out from China cities, the process of selecting a aluminum profile vendor in China can be overwhelming. Here at HIQ Aluminum, we simplify the buying process and reduce the risk of working with foreign manufacturers. With headquarters in Shanghai China and aluminum extrusion profile manufacturing facilities in Jiangsu province, our customers receive guaranteed delivery backed by a technical-based company with a project sales force they can trust. Combined with HIQ Aluminum Manufacturing’s stable supply chain, quality control, and diverse aluminum profile production capabilities, the end result is significant cost savings and reduced risk during your aluminum extrusion profile process from start to finish.

At HIQ Aluminum, we monitor the economy, capacity, freight options and pricing, tariffs and trade, the labor market, and changing technology, so you don’t have to. We also publish a newsletter, The HIQ Pulse, to update our customers regularly on the evolving transportation, materials, and supply environment.

Aluminum extrusion profile
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