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HIQ Aluminum is a global supplier for aluminum metal ceiling; our range of aluminum options and production expertise sets us apart. We have more than 2,00 passionate and knowledgeable team members working from locations around China—all highly-committed and laser-focused on helping our customers win.

Our aluminum profile expertise includes manufacturing and materials experts for rigid and flexible packaging, quality, design, engineering, mold development, supply chain, sustainability, marketing, category, and consumer insights.

We make it our business to source or design the material that best tells your brand story—wowing consumers and adding value to your company’s bottom line.

You can count on our expert team to guide you through our extensive range of products and services, taking the complexity out of the design, production, and distribution process. This allows you to deliver your products with exceptional efficiency and confidence. Partner with us today and let our experts help find the material solutions that take you from concept to successful commercialization.

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