Aluminium Extrusion Profile Accessories are necessary for assembling aluminium profile frames. Standard T-slot aluminium profiles are divided into several series. (such as 20 series, 30 series etc.) And its accessories are also divided into series.

Generally speaking, aluminium extrusion profile accessories cover bolt, nut, connector, hinge and caster, etc. When planning to purchase, you should combine the product description and carefully confirm the profile model.

HIQ Aluminum mainly engaged in industrial aluminium mould development, aluminium extrusion production and deep processing. It designs and assembles various equipment racks, industrial enclosures, conveyor lines, assembly lines, aluminium shelves, display, etc.

On the other hand, aluminium profile accessories also affect the overall aluminium frame. And they need to be equipped with professional tools. For example, special T-handled Inner hexagon wrench, rubber Hammer etc.