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Aluminium Shutter Door and aluminiumTimber Slat Fencing And Gates

Aluminium Shutter Door or timber slat fencing is so popular because it gives the appearance of real timber but with the strength and durability of aluminium. This technology is designed to be elegant and modern while still giving the impression of natural wood. If an aluminium timber fence is what you’re looking for, then we are your expert local installers based right here in Perth. We can find the best options for you and your fencing needs.

Why Choose Aluminium Shutter Door and Aluminium Slat Fencing

Customers prefer aluminium timber slat fencing as opposed to real timber because it looks just as good but without the added worry. These are fences you can depend on to last for years.
Weather Resistant
Aluminium timber fencing is made for Australia’s harsh weather conditions. They can withstand high amounts of sun exposure and salt corrosive conditions.
Low Maintenance
Aluminium slat fencing requires minimal maintenance, meaning money saved. To keep them looking brand new, occasionally spray with water to clean them when dirty.
Real timber fences require a great deal of routine maintenance. This involves paint scraping, repainting and treatments to seal and protect the wood. In order for these fences to last longer, these tasks need to be taken care of bi-annually. If you’re not an expert yourself, this will involve hiring a company to do the work. There is nothing wrong with a beautiful all-wood fence for your property, it’s a classic and affordable style. But if you prefer less maintenance and a more modern look, we would say aluminium slat fencing is the fence for you.
Aluminium timber slat fences provide privacy for your home or commercial property. Every fence we design and build are made to your specifications, allowing you to determine the slat width and spacing for more or less visibility.
Aluminium Shutter Door Style
Fences are made for privacy, but who said they can’t be stylish too? Aluminum timber slat fencing enhances the architecture of your home, adding a modern and sleek design while giving a warm look of timber. Not only are they beautiful, they add to the value of your home.
Aluminium Shutter Door Appearance
Ali timber slat fencing can be ordered in a variety of different wood colors from a beach style light oak, to a dark, rich, rose mahogany. Installation is discrete and no screws or rivets are shown in our work, only clean professional lines.
The Benefits Aluminium Shutter Door:

  • No rusting
  • No warping
  • No splintering
  • Cannot be eaten away by termites
  • No painting required
  • No oiling required
  • Choose your own slat sizes
  • Choose the spacing you want
  • Pick from a wide selection of colors
  • Completely customizable
  • Durable through harsh Australian weather

If aluminum timber slat fencing is what you’re looking for, then Shade Blinds Perth is your go to company. Our installers are craftsmen at their work and will design and build exactly what you need to fit your budget. Contact our team and we will assist you in creating a unique fencing system to accentuate your home or property. Call us today and we’ll come out to your property for a FREE measure and quote.